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Welcome current players!


For the safety of your son or daughter we ask that all players arrive 10-15 minutes prior to start time to tie shoes, loosen up, and stretch before the training session begins. This is also to ensure your player receives a full hour of training!

If for some reason an unavoidable event such as sickness prevents a coach from making a training session, we will first ask our other coach to step in and take over that day’s training. If that is not possible, you will not be charged for that day and we will reschedule at a time of your convenience.

We will always keep an open line of communication with our players and parents and we ask you to return the favor as well. If you are unable to make a training session, please notify us at least an hour before the training session is scheduled for. Things happen (we get that) and if you do do not notify us beforehand, the first time you will not be charged. After that we will charge a $10.00 fee for any missed training sessions that we were not notified about.

What to bring to practice

Cleats on Soccer Ball
Big Kick

Soccer cleats

or turf shoes

Soccer cleats

or turf shoes







Emergency Contact Form

Each Academia de Fútbol Ventura player must have an emergency contact form on file.


Please fill out our form on the right and submit it to the coaches. 

Old Fashioned Soccer Ball

Thank you for submitting your emergency contact form!!

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