"I participated in Academia de Fútbol way back in the 90's and still have fond memories of the teachings that Gus and his family were able to provide me. Along with the excellent individual skill sessions in Gus' backyard that helped me grow as a player, I also grew as a person and created some pretty good friendships, both with other players in the program as well as the Ventura family. Academia de Fútbol helped me learn from a young age about accountability and hard work and if I wanted to get better, it was going to take both of these things to succeed.


I can still smell the grass and visualize all of the juggling, dribbling and shooting skills that were instilled in me through hours and hours of repetition.


Overall the Academia de Fútbol was a great experience in my life and I definitely will one day be recommending my children to partake if they decide that soccer is in their future."


- Andrew Stokes, player

"I am happy to provide this description advocating Tony Ventura who has be a soccer coach for my son over a three year period at both the Club and High School level. What sets Tony apart from other coaches is his ability to actively listen with the players, a skill that was likely learned within his family, as both his father and brother are longtime soccer coaches. His experience and thoughtfulness have been evident as my son has been able to grow under his tutelage, and it seems our communication improves after he has a discussion with Coach Ventura.


While there are a lot of fine coaches available at this level, Coach Ventura has been exceptionally adept at maintaining program direction and integrity, while advocating for the players. I am especially excited that such a thoughtful coach is taking initiative in establishing new directions. Coach Ventura invests additional time and thought to gently make the most of teachable moments from the field. Tony also goes that extra step, taking a walk with the boys individually apart on the field both giving soccer guidance and providing that focus adolescents need from trusted adults. I consider my son a general success, having direction with very good grades, Varsity level soccer skills, and close friends to share the trials of teenage maturation.


I have no doubt that Coach Ventura has helped ensure that direction, consistently advocating for my son, giving him strong support and earning the respect that only great coaches deserve. Coach Ventura and I have also had the chance to chat on various occasions and I have found him both forthcoming and personable. I trust him and give my highest recommendation for Coach Ventura. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions."

-Roger E. Morey, parent

"Gus and the Ventura family are as passionate as they are knowledgeable about developing soccer talent. Without their instruction I would not have been half the player I became. I've had many good coaches and trainers over my 20 years of competitive soccer, but none were as committed to my development than the Venturas."


- Nick Mekas, player

"Coach Tony has been a key figure in my development as a soccer player. When I first met him, I did not have half the experience in competitive soccer as many of my teammates did, yet he still believed in me and helped me grow. One thing that I will always thank him for is how he helped me grow to be not only a more confident player but a more confident man as well."


- Saliou Mbengue, player

Tony Ventura was an excellent coach for our son. He made the experience of soccer both competitive and fun. Tony was the first coach that my son has had since starting club soccer, and he certainly has been his favorite. Tony’s absolute love of the sport was clear, and he continuously sought to bring out the same passion and joy for the sport with his players. Tony’s focus on effort and skill development over winning was clear and appreciated. He also served as a positive role model, staying poised and calm no matter what was happening on the field or on the sidelines. I can’t say enough good things about Tony, and would recommend his services to anyone who was considering working with him!


- Sara Zocher, parent